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Joshua’s Place started in the basement of small house in South Lebanon in 2008. When we started we served just 15 families with 10 volunteers. We started as simple Free Store Food Pantry with critical distinction… we wanted to be in relationship with every family we served. The relational approach to service allows us to hear directly from those we serve so that we help with real problems, not just solutions that make us feel good.

Since then we’ve grown to an army of more than 200 volunteers serving hundreds of families each month. Our focus is developmental as we seek to engage in generational change. We provide practical and material benefits but know that poverty is defined more by broken relationships, instability and lack of options. This understanding has taken us into innovative approaches to engaging domestic poverty.  We partner with churches in the area and are primarily supported by Rivers Crossing Community Church in Mason and The Village Church in South Lebanon.


Joshua’s Place exist to help individuals and families overcome the barriers in their lives that cause instability. We look first at what our community and the individuals we serve have to offer versus just what they lack. We believe every person is an image bearer of God and therefore has tremendous value and worth. We work to preserve that worth by only doing help that preserves dignity and promotes personal engagement. We measure the help we provide to ensure we are not perpetuating dependency and avoid being viewed as parental figures in the lives of the adults we serve. We know that poverty is often perpetuated by addiction so we focus much of our energy to the cause of recovery.


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